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  Thank You, Tiger Woods  
  How often does a mere mortal golfer have the opportunity to stand next to Tiger Woods and hit golf balls? I have had that honor several times. I could hardly breathe I was so excited, and my shots were played with more luck than skill. And when a shot was particularly poor, I wished the ground would open up and swallow me.

In the meantime I have become slightly accustomed to our dual performances. Apart from our different statures I have noticed a certain similarity between our setup positions. I was able to adjust my backswing by five centimeters to that of Tiger Woods after only one week of intensive practice. Only 45 centimeters to go, so theoretically nine more weeks training in winter camp should do it, don't you think?

Due to his incredible mental power, Tiger Woods is not bothered by my amateurish golf game. I wonder if he has noticed that my swing has changed over the last few years? I would like to know, but one doesn't speak to a pro unless spoken to first. I learned that as a caddy a long time ago. So I can only offer my heartfelt thanks to Tiger Woods that he is always at my side each year in winter training camp – via video analysis!
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